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57-year-old woman trolled for being ‘too old’ for simple outfit on TikTok

ByGurinderbir Singh

May 13, 2023

A 52-year-old woman has hit back at cruel internet trolls who said she was too old to wear crop tops.

Instead, Robin, from Louisiana in the US, who can be found on TikTok at @bougeeandbroke, vowed to continue to flaunt her figure in the revealing fashion item and said she wouldn’t be listening to her critics.

Robin regularly shares videos on social media of her wearing tops that show off her flat stomach, The Sun reports.

But she recently revealed that not everyone is complimentary about her look.

She decided to show the sort of messages she receives from keyboard warriors, and took the opportunity to answer them back.

In a new post for her 18.3k followers, Robin mimicked what others say to her, including the likes of “you’re way too old to wear shirts that short – ugh!”

However, she didn’t take their words lying down and responded: “Listen, twenty something old.

“When you turn 50, you can wear tunic tops with your capri pants and you’ll fit right in.

“But me? I’m going to rock the crop top anytime I want with no thought as to what you think about it.”

She then gave a spin to show off her white, long-sleeved crop top and denim jeans.

And Robin added in the caption: “To each her own – stay in your own lane.”

After opening up about the online abuse she’s had, others rallied around and told her to stay confident and that if she’s got it, she should flaunt it.

One social media user said: “You look awesome!”

Another added: “I’ll be 50 next month. If I still had your flat stomach, I would rock crop tops too!”

A third wrote: “You go girl, take no notice of these people.”

Another person wrote: “Damn right, we are not dead. Beautiful.”

Countless others also showered her with compliments and told her to ignore the haters.

One typed: “Robin, you are rocking it.

“Looks awesome on you!!!”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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