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Abandoned hotel in Bali goes viral on TikTok

A tourist who filmed a once luxury resort in Bali said her “heart was beating like a drum” before she opened the doors to the now abandoned space.

TikTok user Paulina Andriulyte has clocked almost 30 million views on her clip that shows inside the once bustling New Kuta Hotel in the Badung Regency in Bali.

Ms Andriulyte – known for her travel content – explored the old 266-room hotel with her partner at the end of last year.

Exploring an abandoned Bali hotel

She included before and after shots to give viewers an idea of just how eerie the space was.

“Seems like it got even worse since the last time I was here,” she said in the clip.

The pair go from room to room – starting in the foyer where they come across a little market with goods still inside.

They also spotted a book filled with guest reservations that was left on a desk.

“The corridors looked creepy, not gonna lie,” Ms Andriulyte said as she showed footage of the hallways.

“Feels like everyone just left one day and never came back.”

The bedrooms appeared to look in decent condition with some beds still made up and TV and remote controllers still left on tables.

“You can literally live here considering the condition,” she said, while adding that she didn’t recommend it.

Ms Andriulyte and her partner then entered what looked like a staffroom and were shocked to discover snacks still on the table.

“My heart was beating like a drum before opening the doors, not gonna lie, but it normalised once we entered the room,” she told viewers in the comments section.

It’s believed the hotel was affected during the Covid pandemic.

“Some people say it’s due to (the) pandemic as the hotel was fully open back in 2020,” Ms Andriulyte said.

In 2020, The Bali Sun publication received a statement from The Bali Hotels Association that the hotel had switched owners and was undergoing renovations expected to be complete in 2021. However, it appears the hotel is still inactive.

According to Agoda, where the hotel is listed but has no dates available, the last review was made in February 2020, and in September 2019 prior to that.

Its website is also shut down with a message that reads: “Access denied”.

In another clip, the couple even find plates with half-eaten food on a table, as well as documents in the staffroom.

“The moment we entered the reception, we still couldn’t understand where is everyone and that this was an abandoned place,” Ms Andriulyte told NeedtoKnow.online.

“It felt like everyone was here a few hours ago and just left somewhere.”

“The rooms in the abandoned hotel seemed to look the same as the rooms in the other currently functioning hotels.

“They were fully furnished, with towels, toilet paper, printed restaurant leaflets and menus on the table.

“There was all the furniture, electronics, mattresses, dishes … there was even an open staffroom full of paper documents and food left on the table.”

Both of Ms Andriulyte’s TikToks have attracted more than 30 million views and over 15,000 comments from stunned viewers.

“Yooo I’ve stayed here before. It used to be soo grand and had the best service, can’t believe it’s now abandoned,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I’m amazed no one stole the TV,” a second person joked, while others were also left baffled that items were not removed.

“How did someone not take the remaining stuff??” a third person asked.

The New Kuta Hotel’s last Instagram post was made on February 19, 2020 wishing its followers a Happy Galungan – a Balinese holiday which celebrates the victory of dharma over adharma (the triumph of good over evil).

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