• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Academy Awards 2023: The best memes from this year’s Oscars

While most of us come to the Oscars for the movies, there are a whole lot of us that end up staying for the memes.

With last year providing almost enough material for a lifetime with the slap heard round the world, Jimmy Kimmel instead ushered the show in his own direction this year, bringing his unique brand of late-night chatter, banning physical violence on stage, threatening a ‘Best Actor’ award and a long speech as punishment for anyone caught breaking the new golden rule.

Like that even needed to be said, but while the attendees at the Oscars hold their breath over and over to hear the recipients of the awards — the internet wastes no such time.

With the heavy Irish contingent at the awards, it was only fair someone brought out the famous dancing.

For anyone who missed the Hugh Grant interview, this pretty much sums it up:

Not a lot of love for Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue.

Thank God somebody came to work today.

Something about low-hanging fruit …

Babe, wake up, new Andrew Garfield meme just dropped.


Hey comfort is king.

Jenny getting closer to the Oscars than most of us will ever get.

This is not edited.

Vocals like no other.

One happy camper.

Anyone else?

The good ones are good though, right?

Anyone else?

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Originally published as Academy Awards 2023: The best memes from this year’s Oscars prove the internet wastes no time

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