• Mon. May 29th, 2023

American DJ tastes snag from Bunnings sausage sizzle for the first time

Picking up a snag in bread from a Bunnings sausage sizzle is an iconic Australian weekend activity.

So while visiting Down Under, American house music DJ duo Nick “Ivy” Iavarone and Xavier “X” Di Petta, who go by the moniker “Party Shirt”, had to try it out – and upload the moment to TikTok.

Mr Di Petta grew up in Shepparton, Victoria, and met Mr Iavarone while they were both studying at the University of Southern California in the US.

During the pandemic, the pair became famous on TikTok for their “Fact or Cap” videos where they confirm or debunk trends on the app. They have 20.5 million followers.

Their Bunnings snag review, viewed more than 365,000 times in two days, showed Mr Iavarone taking a bite of a sausage in white bread with onions, tomato sauce and mustard.

American man stunned after tasting a ‘delicious’ Bunnings snag

“Ivy’s trying his first Bunnings snag. What do we reckon?” Mr Di Petta asked.

A moment of silence followed, with Mr Iavarone gesturing to wait while he chewed and thought about his review.

He then shook his head as if in disbelief and with a thumbs up, simply said: “F**k yeah.”

However, Australians in the comments were shocked at the amount of sauce decorating the sausage, claiming “it’s not a hot dog”.

“Would you like some sausage with that sauce,” one person teased.

“Worst looking Bunnings snag I’ve EVER seen, ever,” said another.

Others wrote in support of Mr Iavarone’s review, saying there was nothing else like a snag from Bunnings.

“You could buy the exact same sausage, cook it at home same bread sauce etc and it [would] still taste 10x better at Bunnings,” one person wrote.

“Bunnings snags are the cheapest ones you can get but they just hit so much better,” claimed another.

“Perfect for a hangover,” added a third.

Bunnings sausage sizzles have been around for more than two decades and allow not-for-profit community groups to raise money.

The community groups bring their own volunteers, sausages, bread, onion, sauces and drinks.

In July last year, Bunnings increased the price of the sausages in bread for the first time in 15 years – from $2.50 to $3.50.

In the days since, Mr Iavarone has also reviewed Australia’s HSP (Halal snack pack), Golden Gaytime ice cream and vanilla slice, which were given extremely positive reviews.

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