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April Fool’s Day: Best pranks by brands stunning the nation

ByGurinderbir Singh

Apr 1, 2023

For pranksters, April 1 marks a day of fun, rebellion and lighthearted revenge, but for those who don’t like to be tricked, the date is filled with 24 hours of scepticism and anxiety.

But no matter how dubious one may be when it comes to debunking April Fools’ Day pranks, there’s always a few pranksters that know how to outwit the nation.

Here are some of this year’s best April fools pranks that have Australia talking.

Huge Anaconda spotted in Buderim Falls

This Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers prank couldn’t get any more Australian, with the reptile removal service deceiving their followers into thinking they found the massive non-venomous constrictor near the entrance of a tourist hotspot.

In a post to Facebook, they warned Queenslanders to stay away from Buderim Falls, explaining they were on their way to collect the “exotic species”.

Hundreds of comments poured in with some believing it was a missing pet that escaped years ago, while others were fooled into believing anacondas existed in Australia.

Meanwhile another follower said: “Oh no we have a wedding on the boardwalk at 11am right there! Bride is beside herself and we’re trying to let all guests know to relocate, what a nightmare!”.

For all ophidiophobia sufferers, it’s safe to say the post was a false alarm with the snake believed to be photoshopped next to the sign.

Experts find tea-cup sized wombat

Animal lovers were left in awe on Saturday morning when the CSIRO posted a photo of a miniature wombat they claimed was a new discovery.

“We’re so excited to announce we have discovered a new species of miniature wombat,” the scientific research organisation posted to Facebook.

“Growing up to 15 centimetres in length, the newly described Vombatus iocus, or teacup wombat, is endemic to Alpo Floris National Park in Tasmania.”

Amid a lot of congratulatory messages for the CSIRO’s great work, some animal enthusiasts said the new-found creature would make a great pet with others going as far as spreading the news to family members.

Unfortunately those who fell for it were left a little red-faced when they found out the adorable marsupial was in fact a joke.

McDonalds introduces the “all new” McFry

Macca’s fans were left drooling over the fast-food chain’s latest menu item, which features all the ingredients of a standard quarter pounder plus fries.

Some would say it’s a saviour to the environment given there would be no paper sachet to hold your side of fries.

Unfortunately the joke quickly caught on, with one follower going as far to say: “all your best ideas are April fool‘s pranks. This burger would be amazing. The pickle burger would be amazing. Sort your rig out.”

Stay tuned to see what other pranks Australians are pulling this April Fools’ Day.

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