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Aussie MMA fighter Viktor Lyall walks through viral self defence video

ByGurinderbir Singh

Aug 15, 2022

An Aussie MMA fighter’s stunning display of self defence has turned heads around the globe after vision of him fending off two men in Queensland did the rounds on social media.

In the video, Viktor Lyall – who is Australia’s eighth ranked MMA fighter – can be seen being approached by two men, one shirtless, at Brunswick Street Mall in Brisbane.

The Instagram account StrikingBreakdowns said Lyall was intervening after spotting the two men kicking another on the ground.

The footage of the incident, which occurred in April, has collected over 400,000 likes on Instagram and tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

“I never laid hands on either of those males, nor needed to until the events of that video transpired and I needed to defend myself,” Lyall told The Chronicle, walking through his swift head kick on the shirtless man, which was followed up by a check hook to the jaw when he attempted to sucker-punch the trained fighter.

“I was merely involving myself to extricate another party. That’s when I got involved, and that’s the only reason I got involved.

“You can see quite clearly from the video that I don’t want to hurt anyone, otherwise I would have, and I’m walking away getting followed.”

MMA content creator Lawrence Kenshin, who owns the Instagram account, praised Lyall’s cool head under pressure, making sure he kept his distance at all times.

“The best self defence video I’ve seen in a long time. MMA fighter finds two guys kicking a guy on the floor and tries to stop them,” the account owner Lawrence Kenshin posted.

“They turn on him and constantly try to find an opportunity to sucker punch.

“With his experience in MMA and security industry, he keeps constant awareness of not being surrounded and punched from a blind spot.

“They follow him with constant threats, and after a warning shot they engage. Wrong person to pick on.

“Far too many trained athletes do not stay aware of these type of scenarios and pay the price for it in similar situations.”

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