• Fri. May 19th, 2023

Aussie shocked over $280-a-night hotel in Bali

An Australian woman on holiday in Bali was shocked to discover the state of her hotel after paying almost $300 a night for it.

The avid traveller said she has visited the popular tourist destination four times and her experience at the Canggu hotel was well below standard – particularly for $280 a night.

She shared photos of it to a Facebook page dedicated to Aussies in Bali, describing it as “awful”.

“Run down, no staff, broken a/c, broken power points, water damage and just in generally a really fixer upper,” she captioned the post.

“I think we are going to bare it for one night and then move to Kuta or Seminyak tomorrow.”

The woman said she booked the hotel through Australian travel website Scoopon and has emailed to let them know.

“We actually booked a two bedroom suite and they upgraded us to a penthouse when we got here … Definitely not an upgrade,” she wrote.

The woman said she emailed management with her concerns and in an updated post revealed she checked out the following morning after speaking with the general manager.

She claimed the manager offered to ‘fix’ everything.

“We told him it was impossible to fix all the issues and that we would be checking out in the morning,” she said.

“He agreed his hotel is run down and not up to standard,” she claimed.

“We received a refund for the three remaining nights, he gave my daughter some new beach toys.”

The manager also paid for her taxi to Legian where she checked into a different hotel for “a third of the price and triple the quality”.

The woman’s post attracted plenty of discussion with some arguing her hotel is of “Bali standards”.

“This all looks standard for Bali,” one person wrote.

“That’s just standard Bali building practice it’s normal (sic),” another said, before going into further detail.

“Light switch well I think every light switch in Bali is like that,” they continued. “Wall has had a repair Bali style (not great but hey no sleep lost).

“Cold tap had been replaced with what ever they could find. Don’t let these things wreck a good holiday enjoy there is more to worry about then a few fixtures (sic).”

But the Aussie woman fired back.

“For those who said, ‘Oh your first time in Bali’ or ‘That’s Bali standards’ – you’re wrong,” she said. “My husband and I are avid travellers and have stayed in hundreds of hotels around the world.

“This is my fourth time to Bali. I know what is ‘standard’ and what isn’t.

“If this was a cheap hotel … I’d grin and bare it.”

She explained she had come from another hotel where she paid a “fraction” of what she paid for the current hotel, [and] ”they didn’t have cracks in their ceilings and also had working taps”.

Others sided with the woman saying for the price point she mentioned, “this is terrible”.

“I don’t blame you at all for wanting to move and go elsewhere,” one person responded.

“I hope this is just a funny moment of ‘when in Bali’ on your holiday trip and you find somewhere else more pleasant to stay and enjoy the rest of your holiday.”

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