• Sat. May 20th, 2023

Aussie surfer Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones to spend more time in Indonesian jail as negotiations fail

A Noosa surfer accused of a naked, drunken and violent rampage overseas will spend more time in a tiny Indonesian jail cell due to negotiations stalling.

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones was arrested in the ultraconservative province of Aceh on April 27 after allegedly terrorising a conservative beach village on the small North Sumatran island.

A furious mob reportedly threatened to burn down the 23-year-old’s accommodation after he was accused of running drunk and naked from the Moonbeach Resort and allegedly assaulting several people.

A fisherman was left with several broken bones, 50 stitches and a serious foot infection.

Mr Risby-Jones was initially detained for 20 days while police prepared a file for local prosecutors.

But ABC News reports prosecutors sent the file back to police, asking for more information as they decide whether to charge the young Aussie with assault.

That caused police to extend his detention until next month — and potentially longer if deemed necessary.

Mr Risby-Jones’ legal team and family had reportedly sought to strike a deal which would see him released without charges laid, but the victim’s family is demanding 600 million rupiah ($61,000) in compensation for injury and financial loss.

They’ve so far failed to reach the agreement which would reportedly allow him to be released from custody and deported back to Australia.

Complicating the negotiations is the deteriorating health of the injured fisherman, Edi Ron.

He told ABC News he still can’t get out of bed because treatment is not helping his infected foot and it has painful nerve damage which may lead to amputation.

“I can’t move my foot yet, I have to use my hand to lift it up,” he told the news channel.

Earlier, Mr Risby-Jones admitted to assaulting Mr Ron but claimed he was “almost possessed” during the alleged incident.

“I got hit a lot of times on the ground, people kicked my head … make me forget a bit,” he told ABC News.

“But like I’m really nice in heart, I never want to hurt people, never … so it was very out of character for me.”

Mr Risby-Jones had reportedly been drinking from a vodka bottle before he stripped in the resort room sometime after midnight.

Local police alleged Mr Risby-Jones left his room still naked — though he claimed he still had underwear on — and assaulted a security officer who attempted to stop him.

Authorities also alleged he struck a passing motorcyclist and threw the motorbike on him as he fell into the gutter, seriously injuring his leg.

Earlier this month, pictures of Mr Risby-Jones’ 3m x 3m cell emerged, showing a bed in a tiny area behind bars, with a sleeping space and small toilet around the corner.

The Queensland carpenter, who was on a surfing holiday at the time, faces a maximum five years in prison if he is charged and convicted of assault.

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