• Sun. May 14th, 2023

Bali massage parlour theft: Aussie couple share nightmare experience in Seminyak

An Australian woman has shared how a massage while holidaying in Bali quickly turned into a nightmare.

The woman and her partner- who both wish to remain anonymous – cut their trip to the coastal resort town of Seminyak shortly after the horrifying ordeal.

After an hour-long couples massage, they checked their phones and were shocked to find a series of notifications alerting them to potentially fraudulent transactions made with their money.

“$2,700 has been successfully stolen, which cleaned out our accounts and put us in the negative,” she wrote in the Facebook group Bali Bogans.

Luckily, their bank quickly identified the strange nature of the transaction and blocked an additional two transactions of $4,500 and $7,500 before the cards were cancelled.

She said they were left with nothing but overdrawn bank accounts and “lots of tears”.

The ordeal took another turn for the worse when they received a phone call from their bank explaining the chilling detail of the theft.

The alleged thieves had somehow managed to remove the cards from “directly underneath” them and then return them – all without their notice and in the space of an hour.

This also made it impossible for the bank to refund the money without a police report and an investigation into the fraud.

“What was a great holiday has turned into a nightmare,” she wrote in the Facebook group.

The couple praised the Marriott Hotel where they were staying after the management team confronted the massage parlour and escorted them to the police station to make a report.

An outpouring of support filled up the comments section while other shared their disgust at the brazen theft.

In the days after posting, the woman shared an update to say the local police had caught the alleged thieves and they have since been reimbursed the entirety of the stolen funds.

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