• Tue. May 16th, 2023

Bali motorist seen dragging dog by lead while riding bike

A motorist’s alleged treatment of a dog in Bali has outraged social media users and animal rights activists.

Disturbing footage shared to Instagram last week shows a woman dragging her dog as she rides her motorbike in the streets of Denpasar.

The dog’s green lead appears to be attached to the woman’s bag that’s wrapped across her body.

And as the woman rides, the dog can be seen struggling to keep up with the speed of the bike.

Locals have condemned the act, taking to the post to slam the woman.

“This is unbelievable cruel !!!! Seriously !!!! Poor dog,” one person wrote.

“I really hope the dog is okay and can be rescued soon,” wrote another.

Bali Animal Care, a non-for-profit organisation also expressed their concern.

“The woman must be prosecuted … Cannot just be advised. Thank you who recorded this.,” another person wrote.

According to the publication Coconuts Bali, police are investigating the shocking incident.

Nang Bryan, 42, was picking up his kids from a school on Ciung Wanara road when he witnessed the disturbing act and began to film.

“When it happened I [took out my phone to] record […] because I did not have the stomach I stopped recording,” he told Indonesian publication Kompas.com

He said he then immediately “scolded the motorcyclist” who claimed she did it because the small dog could not hop onto the motorbike.

After Bryan reprimanded her, the woman was said to have relented and eventually put the dog on her motorbike.

Following the alleged incident, the publication reported the dog’s paws began to bleed as they scraped along the ground.

Mr Bryan said while he didn’t report the incident to the police, an animal welfare group contacted him after the clip went viral – sparking a police investigation.

Christian Joshua Pale, the founder and leader of Animals Hope Shelter Indonesia told Kompas.com they traced the woman via the bike’s number plate and reported it to police.

Mr Pale said the incident needs to serve as an example to other Indonesians about the country’s law against animal abuse.

Under Indonesian law, animal abusers may face nine months behind bars if proven guilty.

According to Coconuts Bali, police have since confirmed they are investigating the incident.

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