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Bomb squad, FBI respond to United Airlines flight after note found in bathroom

A United Airlines flight in America sparked a massive emergency response after a disturbing note was found inside a plane toilet.

With 65 passengers on board, Flight 3613 took off from Newark Airport, New Jersey, at 3.14pm on Sunday, local time, flying to Burlington International Airport, Vermont. But 20 minutes before landing, the pilot was notified of a threat, WPTZ reported.

Authorities have not described the nature of the threat, but a passenger on the flight told the outlet that “someone left a note”.

The pilot notified air traffic control and a massive emergency response was launched at the airport, which was closed for several hours after the plane landed at about 4.30pm. It was taken to an isolated spot on the tarmac, New York Post reports.

Responding agencies included the Vermont State Police Bomb Squad, local police, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

Passengers told WPTZ that they were given limited information as they sat on the plane for about two hours before being allowed to disembark.

K-9 units were brought aboard at around 6.30pm to sweep the cabin, the travellers said.

Once the plane was cleared, they were allowed to leave the aircraft, but without any of their belongings.

One of the passengers was Vermont state senator Phil Baruth.

“They sniffed up and down the plane and then they sniffed each passenger,” he told WCAX.

“They isolated us with police at both ends and they don’t know whether one of us could be a bad actor so that doesn’t feel great.”

Mr Baruth told WPTZ that the frightening incident was sparked after “someone left a note”.

“It feels unfair on one hand that someone left a note and ruined everyone’s day. Obviously someone a little deranged,” he said.

“On the other hand, authorities here handled everything perfectly and at no time did I feel unsafe.”

Another passenger, Melissa Jones, told WPTZ: “It was scary. I had to stay calm because of my kids.”

Authorities said no credible threat was discovered and no one has been arrested, though the investigation remains ongoing.

“What we have here is a safe group of people. We have a safe plane. We have a safe airport. We have procedures that were followed and we have a successful outcome,” acting Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad said.

The Post has contacted United Airlines for comment.

This article originally appeared on New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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