• Fri. Mar 17th, 2023

British expats reveals 3 infuriating things about living in Australia

A British woman has apologised in advance to Aussies for revealing the three things she dislikes about the country.

Jordana Grace, a radio host on Queensland’s 92.7 Mix FM, has clocked more than 10 million likes on her TikToks which mainly focus on her experiences living Down Under.

In one of her previous clips she listed the three things newbies must never do when in Australia.

And this time, she has warned fellow tourists and expats alike about the “Aussie no-no’s”.

“Sorry in advance, I am going to make Australia mad,” she begins the video, before unleashing her three pet peeves.

“First up is the slow internet speed. Like what the fudge.

“It’s like nails on a chalkboard how in some areas of Australia the internet and Wi-Fi is just so slow.”

She then ripped into the “terrible phone service”.

“There’s like three major providers in Australia, and they all have nicknames, Vodafone is ‘Vodafail’, Optus is ‘droptus’ … It’s just very inconsistent phone service over here.”

She believes Aussies have a very casual attitude about how common dead zones for phone signal are.

“This is not a laughing matter, I need to send a meme to express my feelings,” she said.

The final thing she listed was the postage cost and length of time it takes for a post to arrive in Australia, using her home country as a comparison.

“In the UK I didn’t realise that next day delivery was such a luxury, because over here, postage cannot only take weeks, but the postage cost can cost as much as the item sometimes,” she said.

Jordana then made a point about how much she loves Australia and begged locals not to be mad over her rant.

“I love you Australia please done hate me. Please don’t be mad,” she said.

Jordana said the three things she listed was something “Aussies don’t realise is a big thing”.

But Aussies very much sided with her despite her fear of copping negative backlash.

“You just said what every Aussie thinks. We ain’t mad, we agree!” one person wrote.

A second person said: “Can’t argue with you. It’s all true. Not to mention what we pay for internet service compared to the rest of the world.”

Others noted they are “mad about these things” but have just “learned to live with them”.

“Pretty sure every Aussie is with you on that one but our apathetic nature comes out as, ‘She’ll be right,’” one person said.

“Definitely no hate, these are all totally accurate,” another Aussie added.

However, some weren’t impressed, saying, “Australia is literally 32 times bigger than the UK. Cut us some slack.”

Another added that posting mail from Perth to Sydney is the equivalent of posting mail from Turkey to Ireland, so it can’t be compared to post times within the UK.

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