• Sat. May 20th, 2023

Building boss arrested after viral TikTok shows alleged slapping of female worker

A construction boss in the United States is facing an assault charge after a shocking video allegedly showing him slapping a female worker went viral on social media.

Brent Michael Hospelhorn, 46, who owns Arizona’s Scottsdale-based building firm BPH Construction LLP, was charged on Thursday with one count of intentional assault with physical injury, Phoenix court records show.

In the violent tirade, posted on TikTok and reported on by the New York Post, Hospelhorn is seen loudly berating and allegedly striking an unnamed female employee.

It was reportedly over a scratched cabinet at a property in north Phoenix.

Building boss charged after slapping worker

“Get the f**k out of my building right now, f***ing bitch!” Hospelhorn yells at the woman as she quietly refuses to leave the site.

When other workers come to her defence, Hospelhorn insists the damage is “f***ing her” fault.

At one point, Hospelhorn also tells the person filming the clip that they are a “goddamn worthless piece of s**t.”

Footage of the shocking assault was quickly shared across social media, with many demanding he face disciplinary action.

“The fact that he was so comfortable doing that tells me it’s not the first time he has done it,” one viewer commented.

The widespread backlash to Hospelhorn’s behaviour eventually forced the Phoenix Police Department to make a formal statement regarding rumours that he had been let off without consequences.

“One of our officers responded to the call, took a report, and arrested the suspect for assault. This suspect was cited in lieu of detention and the suspect is being recommended for charges,” the department wrote on Wednesday.

In a statement to the Arizona Republic, police spokesperson Sgt. Robb Scherer clarified that “citing [Hospelhorn] is not letting him go.”

“He has a court cite to attend,” he insisted.

The Republic reported that Hospelhorn will appear in court on May 26.

This story was originally published on the New York Post and is republished here with permission.

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