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Conservative commentator Sydney Watson confronts transgender activists on Dr Phil

Sydney Watson, an Australian-born conservative commentator has caused a stir on a recent episode of Dr Phil titled “Are women being erased?”.

Watson, who has built a following making controversial statements on social media, claimed that the feelings of transgender people were overshadowing those of biological women.

Watson expressed her frustration that discussions surrounding gender always seem to prioritise the experiences of trans individuals over those of biological women.

“What we always seem to fixate on is the trans experience and that‘s how it feels for us biological women,” Watson said.

“We are always focusing on the trans feel or how the non-binary people feel we get left out of the conversation often and it is very frustrating for us because there are very unique issues that affect us in a way you will never understand.”

Despite being interrupted by other panellists and the show’s host, Watson refused to be deterred and asserted her position.

“We live in a world that will always be different by the fact that we are biological women, we are different,” she said.

“You know what’s upsetting for us to be told that our very existence is superseded by the feelings of others. That is how we feel and it is very, very, very frustrating.”

Watson also criticised the dominance of trans voices in discussions about gender and sex.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by trans individuals, Watson argued that discussions surrounding gender should not overlook the unique issues faced by biological women.

She expressed her desire for greater recognition of the experiences of biological women and the importance of their voices in discussions about gender and sex.

However, she stressed that women could embrace trans people and their issues, and acknowledged the challenges faced by trans individuals.

“I couldn’t imagine how stressful and painful it must be to be trans because you are always fighting against the biology that you have and the nature you want to have,” she said.

“That has to be very challenging.”

Following her appearance on the show, Watson described the experience as a “sh*t show” and criticised the large size of the panel, which she felt was not conducive to a productive discussion.

Watson has a history of sparking online firestorms. In 2022, she ignited controversy for calling out “obese” passengers on a flight.

She tweeted that obese people should be required to pay for two seats rather than risk the discomfort of others.

Watson went viral after “rage tweeting” during an American Airlines flight between New York and Dallas, sharing pictures from the flight which show her visibly crammed between two larger passengers.

American Airlines responded to her Twitter tirade, saying, “Our passengers come in all different sizes and shapes. We’re sorry you were uncomfortable on your flight”.

It later emailed her to apologise, offering a $150 credit for the trip she later disclosed was paid for by the media company, Vice.

She has since claimed the airline effectively forced her into an “absurd” situation where strangers were unwantedly touching her.

“I don’t think it’s right ever to put a regular-sized person in a situation where they have their space encroached upon,” she said at the time.

“The body positivity/fat acceptance movements have tried to harness this shame and do away with it.Which is why you see so much of this “fat and proud” type of commentary from overweight people. Although I personally think that’s a “cope”.

“We absolutely need more truth in talking about this.

“More people die annually from obesity-related issues than malnutrition.”

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