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Dad of 14yo girl who committed suicide after school bashing said her death came after taunting text

ByGurinderbir Singh

Feb 11, 2023

Adriana Kuch was found dead at home on February 3, two days after the sickening caught-on-video assault in a hallway at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township.

The tragic teen’s father, Michael Kuch, told the Daily Mail that hours before her death, one girl who recorded the assault sent her a text mocking her for “dripping blood” and getting her “a**e whooped.”

He told the outlet that one of the assailants instigated the brutal attack because she was jealous about Adriana’s friendship with another girl.

Kuch said his daughter also was driven to suicide because she was embarrassed by the footage that spread rapidly on TikTok and Snapchat.

“She was so embarrassed that they jumped her. She would say, ‘I don’t want to be made fun of’,” the devastated dad told the Daily Mail.

“It was like she was attacked twice. It used to be you’d go to school, get bullied and then you left. But now you come home and you keep getting bullied — they still keep picking at you home,” he added.

“I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am at the school, at the police department … if those videos hadn’t been posted, these girls would have ended up with a one-day suspension or in no trouble at all,” the distraught dad said.

“The [school] has done nothing. They should not be in charge of our children’s safety,” added Kuch, who served 22 years in the US Army.

Three girls have been charged with third-degree felony assault and a fourth was charged with disorderly conduct.

Kuch earlier denied the attack was racially motivated — insisting that a theory about the vicious assault was “garbage”.

“Adriana was beautiful and she loved everyone, she did not care about race, the world would be a better place if everyone was as colourblind as she was,” Kuch wrote on Facebook Thursday, responding to speculation that race played a role in the beatdown.

Kuch posted a screengrab from an Instagram Story of what appears to be a rally held to protest the incident.

Over the image, an Instagram user wrote, “They are protesting about that white girl”.

“Nah, cuz wtf why does black people do that to the white girl,” the user continued, claiming “black people know that white [people] hate them still”.

Kuch’s daughter was white, but the race of the assailants in the disturbing footage was unclear.

He responded to the Instagram Story, saying, “People are sending me garbage like this, I am not here to make it about race”.

Kuch has repeatedly insisted that bullying played a role in his daughter’s death.

More than 6500 community members have signed on to a petition on Change.org titled “Stop the Violence at Central Regional High School”.

The petition was launched by Racheal O’Dea, who wrote that her daughter also was “jumped and physically assaulted by MULTIPLE girls” at the school in January 2022.

“She had reported threats and their previous stalking to the school weeks before it happened and NOTHING was done! The attack was recorded and sent across social media,” O’Dea wrote.

She said the family has filed a lawsuit against the district “due to their negligence and involvement”.

“Now here we are almost a year later, and we have now lost a beautiful 14-year-old soul who was brutally attacked at Central Regional HS just days before taking her own life. A life stolen way too soon. Parents our kids are not safe!” O’Dea wrote in the petition.

“This school is too busy trying to save their own a**es than do their job! The bottom line is the violence at Central Regional needs to STOP! There needs to be a change in administration, there needs to be more security, the school should not be able to solely label these incidents,” she continued.

O’Dea claimed the district describes incidents of violence as “hallway disturbances” to avoid calling police.

“Students do better … stop hurting each other and if you see someone being hurt call 911! It is not a fight, it is not an altercation, its not a hallway disturbance …. ITS CALLED ASSAULT,” she wrote.

In the footage shared online, Adriana was seen being attacked with a water bottle as she walked in the hallway with her boyfriend. A person was reportedly heard yelling: “That’s what you get, you stupid a**e b***h!”

“They think it’s fun to attack people and take videos and post them,” her dad told WABC.

“Getting hit with a water bottle didn’t hurt Adriana, what hurt her was the embarrassment and humiliation, they just kept coming at her,” Kuch said.

“My daughter actually blacks out and they don’t call an ambulance, they take her to the nurse’s office,” he said, adding Adriana had “never been in a fight before, she’s 98 pounds, 5’2 and she loves everybody”.

On Thursday, Schools Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides defended the school’s response to the bullying, citing its policy of not reporting incidents to police.

“If a situation warrants it, we’ll call (police), but in this case the students were suspended immediately,” he told The Post, adding the students involved face criminal charges.

“We address every incident of bullying, but some of it is on the internet and we aren’t privy to that,” he said. “We’re not the internet police but we don’t put our head in the sand.”

Kuch said when he asked why the girls hadn’t been expelled, school officials told him it’s not the district’s “policy”, according to the Daily Mail.

“If they had only just called the police and the girls would have been rounded up there and then, everybody would have seen it was wrong,” he told the outlet. “It pains me how easily this all could have been solved.”

The day after she was attacked, Adriana stayed home, where she lived with her dad, 16-year-old brother and two stepsisters, according to the outlet. Her mum reportedly died when Adriana was seven years old.

“We spent time together … she decided that she wanted to go back to school the next day,” Kuch told the Daily Mail. “She went to her boyfriend’s house during the day. I got home at around 5pm.”

“We had McDonald’s and I got her favourite, the crispy chicken sandwich. We had dinner, we talked about friends and making life choices … I kind of liked to lecture her,” he said, adding Adriana appeared to be “in a good mood”.

He said mobile phone records show Adriana sent her boyfriend a last text message at 10.46pm before she ended her life.

At 5am the next day, Kuch said, he was in the kitchen when his wife went to wake Adriana up.

“I just heard her screaming, ‘No!’ I ran downstairs and see immediately that her bed’s empty. At first I thought, ‘Did she sneak out to her boyfriend’s?’ That’s when I turned left, and I saw her,” he told the outlet.

“She had on the same clothes that she’d been wearing the day before. A brown jacket I had just bought her. She loved that jacket,” he said.

On Friday morning, Kuch shared a post opening up about the grief of losing his daughter.

“Last night I was so tired I honestly could not cry. I slept for almost five hours and now back to tears. Sleep may have been a bad idea,” he wrote.

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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