• Sat. May 20th, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. plans speaking tour in Australia to address controversial topics

Donald Trump Jr. is scheduled to visit Australia this July for a three-city speaking tour.

Known as a prominent voice for uncompromising Trumpism, Trump Jr. aims to discuss the perceived rise of “woke identity politics” and “cancel culture” that he believes have taken hold in Australia.

Organisers of the tour anticipate significant public interest in the events, given Trump Jr.’s polarising reputation and his reputation for taking divisive, anti-politically correct stances. The tour, scheduled from July 9-11, will include appearances in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Expressing his excitement about returning to Australia, a country he visited during his university years, Trump Jr. shared fond memories of his time backpacking there.

He referred to Australia as a great country with wonderful people, but expressed sadness over what he perceives as negative developments in the nation.

Apart from being an author, businessman, and TV personality, Trump Jr. boasts a considerable social media following. With 6.4 million Instagram followers, he is popularly known as the “Meme Wars General”.

Throughout his father‘s tenure, Trump Jr. staunchly defended him on social media by amplifying official Trump campaign messaging. He also criticised the recent indictment of his father by New York prosecutor Alvin Bragg, calling it a politically motivated attack against both citizens and political opponents.

On Instagram, Trump Jr. voiced his concerns about what he viewed as the “weaponisation of the government” and likened it to the actions of historical sociopaths such as Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot. He described the indictment as an unprecedented level of hostility toward political opposition and resistance.

Donald Trump Jr.‘s speaking tour is expected to generate considerable attention and ignite further discussions on the controversial topics he plans to address during his visit to Australia.

“I have a huge fanbase in Australia and after speaking with some of them it’s clear the same disease of wok identity politics and cancel culture that’s crippled the US has clearly taken hold there,” he said.

“It’s not good. It is the biggest existential threat we face in the West and is literally the decay of Western society.”

Turning Point, the same company that sponsored UK Brexit leader Nigel Farage in his visit Down Under last year, will be sponsoring Trump Jr’s tour.

“We are thrilled to welcome Donald Trump Jr to Australia for his first speaking tour,” a spokesman for the organiser said.

“As a controversial, outspoken figure, we believe he will offer an exciting and unique perspective on a range of issues that are important to everyday Australians.”

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