• Sat. Mar 18th, 2023

Flight attendants change names on social media to avoid creepy passenger act

Flight attendants have revealed an incredibly creepy thing that some passengers do – and they really want them to stop.

A lot of passengers are attracted to cabin crew members, but some decide to take things further than they should.

Instead of admiring from afar, they will occasionally try and get to know them by tracking them down on social media, reports The Sun.

Instead of coming across romantic, flight attendants see it as menacing and would rather passengers just left them alone.

One crew member recently reached out to fellow attendants on Reddit to see if they had similar experiences and to find out how they deal with it.

They wrote: “Recently someone requested to follow me on Instagram and I recognised this person as a passenger on one of my recent flights I just worked.

“He had been flirty with me and a little annoying about it on the plane.

“I’m a little creeped out that this passenger found me and it makes me want to not wear a name tag.

“I always put my badge away while on the plane but is there anything else I can do to minimise creeps following me like this?”

Other attendants replied saying they had experienced similar things and had tactics to make them harder to find on social media.

One wrote: “A number of my colleagues do things like insert spaces or symbols into their names on social media to make them harder to search for.

“For example, using the name Joanna, they may have it as Jo ann-na. Still recognisable as their name but makes it difficult for creeps to find them.”

Another said: “This happened to me once, except I didn’t even have a conversation with the person and then got to the hotel to find that he had sent me a request and a message.

“Effing creep. Be careful out there.”

A third added: “I never wear a name tag for this very reason. Block this person asap, and report them if they send you any inappropriate messages.”

It’s not the only creepy thing that passengers do to wind up flight attendants.

They are also guilty of taking photographs of their cabin crew, which can creep them out.

Teri O’Toole, federal secretary of the Flight Attendants’ Association of Australia, says that this is not something passengers should ever be doing.

She told stuff.co.nz: “Passengers will whip out their phone and start filming flight attendants (FAs) at the drop of a hat, then post it to a chat room together with their name and saying so-and-so was rude and unpleasant on my flight.”

Meanwhile, a passenger was prevented from getting off a plane by flight attendants after taking pictures on a flight this year.

And tourists in Thailand face serious punishment for trying to take pictures with planes at this airport.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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