• Sun. Mar 19th, 2023

Hack to get out of paying for hotel, restaurant cancellation fees

If you’ve ever been caught out by a late cancellation fee on a restaurant or hotel booking, the internet is here to help, with a handy hack that could get you out of that (sometimes costly) penalty.

Many restaurants and hotels have a free cancellation window – for example, you might be able to cancel without charge up to 24 hours before your booking, Escape reports.

But if you cancel after that? You could be hit with a costly fee (automatically taken from the credit card you supplied at the time of booking).

The good news is, it turns out there’s a way around it.

Influencer John Liang, who gives online finance tips, shared this smooth move with his followers.

The trick? Simply move the date of your booking to a later date (which can usually be done free of charge), then cancel it – which often means you are within the free cancellation period and won’t have to pay cancellation fees.

However, it’s important to read the small print on your booking first, because not all hotels or restaurants will allow you to move your reservation for free.

Meanwhile another travel expert has also revealed a hotel booking hack to save you hundreds on your next holiday.

Richard Goodall, managing director of hospitality EPOS systems, PowerEpos, explained a way to spend less on your accommodation known as hotel hedging.

The prices of accommodation can fluctuate quite a lot, depending on when you book, so it’s a good idea to keep checking prices before your trip to keep your options open.

Hotels often don’t sell out completely, so will usually offer big discounts at much shorter notice, meaning there are often bargains to be found late on.

However, even though late deals can be found, there’s no guarantee that leaving it late will get you the cheap room that you want.

Therefore, booking the cheapest room you can find in advance guarantees that you have a place to stay just in case you can’t get a late deal.

But it means you can always cancel your advanced booking and make the most of the cheaper room instead.

This story originally appeared on Escape and is republished here with permission

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