• Wed. May 17th, 2023

Honey Ahisma, mum of newborn Melbourne baby Lucky fighting for life in Bali, gives update

The Melbourne mother of a seven week old baby fighting for life in a Bali hospital has shared a hopeful update on her condition.

Earlier this week, newborn baby girl Lucky was rushed to the intensive care unit in Denpasar’s Siloam Hospital after she began struggling to breathe.

Doctors determined she was suffering from a severe bacterial infection and infant has been on a ventilator ever since.

The family have now been contacted by Gold Coast based organisation Medical Rescue, which has offered to fly the critically ill baby back home.

However this can only happen when Lucky’s condition improves, with the infant currently being deemed too “fragile” to transport.

The company’s clinical operations manager, Josh Campbell, revealed that they have offered Lucky’s family “essentially a mobile intensive care unit” including a retrieval physician and a specialist intensive care paediatric nurse.

“It’s a very delicate operation as you could imagine,” Mr Campbell told 7News.

Her devastated mum Honey Ahimsa, who grew up in Melbourne and now lives in Bali, posted an update on social media about her daughter’s precarious situation.

“We must get her improving and more stable before she can be transported,” she wrote.

“She’s fighting strong, yesterday there was a small improvement which is a miracle.

“The hospital has more specialised staff and better equipment/medicine. Goal is she will make enough improvements and then we can fly to Australia.”

The mum said Lucky had a seemingly innocent cough and thought she may have just had a common cold, before she ended up in hospital fighting for life.

In an Instagram update, the distraught mum said there is nothing worse than a doctor telling you your baby isn’t going to make it.

Doctors told the mum and her fiance Pan that their baby girl may not make it and had a 50 per cent chance of survival at best.

Speaking of the moment she knew something was wrong, Ms Ahimsa told 7News “I tried to help her, just like normal when babies get sick, they just need sleep … but then she stopped drinking my milk.

“She got really tired and then I looked at her stomach, and you could see her lungs [pulsating].

“So, we quickly rushed her to hospital and … she started going cold and losing her colour.”

“Our hearts are broken. We need all the help we can get. She is the most beautiful, gentle little girl and the world needs to know her,” she wrote.

Hospital care is currently costing the family $5,000 to $8,000 a day, with the flight to Brisbane currently quoted at $106,000.

All money raised on the GoFundMe will go towards Lucky’s medical costs.

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