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How to use GPT-4: Image shows the world has changed forever

ByGurinderbir Singh

Mar 20, 2023

GPT-4, the new iteration of Chat GPT, is changing the world right before our eyes.

The artificial intelligence language model created by OpenAI is significantly more powerful than its predecessor GPT-3.5.

It’s now so formidable, even Elon Musk has expressed concern.

As OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman explained when GPT-4 was announced on Wednesday, it is the “most capable and aligned model yet” with the ability to use images as well as text.

These are some of the ridiculously awesome things people are already doing with the new tech.

Turn a drawing into a functioning website

As explained in a demo video by Greg Brockman, president and co-founder of OpenAI, GPT-4 can turn a hand-drawn sketch into a functional website.

He uploaded a photo of a drawing with the heading “My joke website” along with a couple of jokes.

GPT-4 was told, “Write brief HTML/JS to turn this mock-up into a colourful website, where the jokes are replaced by two real jokes.”

The AI spat out some code – JavaScript that worked. And that code was used to create a website.

The whole process took just seconds, while it would normally take a web developer at least 15 minutes.

The neural network even managed to grab a couple of funny jokes from the internet to improve the website.

Create a video game in 60 seconds

Designer Pietro Schirano explained how he was able to recreate the game of Pong in under 60 seconds – on his first try.

“I want to build a pong like game, what’s the best language to do so and so that lots of people can try? Also I want to use Replit to built it,” Mr Schirano wrote to Chat-GPT.

The AI recommended that he use the HTML5 Canvas API to create a game that runs directly in the browser.

“Here’s a basic example of a Pong game using JavaScript,” GPT-5 responded, amazingly delivering a string of code and a working version of the famous arcade game that was first developed in 1972.

Mr Schirano also managed to make working version of Asteroids and Breakout.

Design manager Ammaar Reshi also tasked GPT-4 with making the game Snake — probably the first game many people played on their mobile phones.

As Mr Reshi explained in a Twitter thread, he asked GPT-4 to provide code for a Snake game, with the relevant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required to make it run.

“This provided all of the code I needed to get the project going. It wasn’t able to complete it all in one response, but I just replied with ‘continue’,” he wrote.

“Once I had all of the necessary code for the game, I created an account on Replit

and started a new HTML, CSS, JS project.

“Then, just paste the code into the relevant files that GPT-4 tells you to lay them out in within Replit and hit run! Using my arrow keys, the game worked just as expected.”

He did run into some issues however but managed to fix them by asking GPT-4 for help.

Turn pictures of ingredients into recipes

AI engineer Sudharshan Chandra Babu took a photo of his fridge and asked GPT-4 to come up with ideas for recipes.

Mr Babu first asked Visual-ChatGPT to describe in detail what was in the fridge based on the image.

He then commanded, “Use the items to come up with 5 food items that can be created with them. If prompted for more information, provide a quick recipe.”

GPT-4 responded, “Based on the provided ingredients, here are five food items that can be created” and listed fruit salad, cheese omelette, ham and cheese sandwich, fruit smoothie, and cheese and fruit platter, along with instructions on how to create the meals.

Find love

Co-founder and CEO digital matchmaking platform Keeper, Jake Kozloski, demonstrated how the AI can be used for matchmaking.

GPT-4 was given a profile of a man and a woman and asked to compare their information, preferences and any deal-breakers – to see if they were compatible with each other.

The AI compared the preferences of “Matt” with the profile of “Fay” and found they were almost a perfect match.

Write and produce a video

Digital creator Nick St. Pierre shared how AI can create a video almost entirely by itself.

He explained on Twitter that he used the various platforms. ChatGPT was used to write a script, Midjourney to create reference images, Runway Gen-1 to apply the style of the images to his source video, and Boomy AI for the music.

The end result was a clip of a man interacting with technology in a futuristic setting.

Help with legal issues

Joshua Browder, CEO of legal website DoNotPay, used GPT-4 to generate “one click lawsuits” to sue robocallers for (US)$1500.

“I received a spam call from [company]. Draft a federal lawsuit for $1500 under the [Telephone Consumer Protection Act] to sue. Use the context you have learned from other cases,” Mr Browder commanded the AI.

After providing a warning that the AI language model was not a lawyer and could not provide legal advice, GPT-4 produced a fairly good document.

GPT-4 is also excellent at law exams. It managed to achieve a 90th percentile result for the Uniform Bar Exam in the US.

It also aced number of other tests.

Make money

Creative designer Jackson Fall decided to give GPT-4 a budget of $100 and asked it to make as much money as possible.

H explained the plan to the AI – buy a domain with a catchy name for about $10 and use a hosting service that costs about $5 per month. Then, set up a niche affiliate website, using the remaining $85 to design and create content – with a focus on profitable niche with low competition. Then, leverage social media and the internet to engage with the audience to drive traffic to the website. Finally, use SEO to improve search traffic.

After a few stumbles, the AI was able to come up with the site GreenGadgetGuru.com (a site that is actually live now selling eco-friendly kitchen gadgets).

GPT-4 was even able to generate a pretty cool logo.

As of yesterday, the business was worth an estimated $25,000.

The AI can also do a bunch of other things including creating custom code, Chrome extensions, clones of websites.

It can also scan code for bugs, and help discover medicines.

Some of the great ways the AI can be used were outlined in a thread by Daniel Eckler – which I used to background some of the information in this article.

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