• Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Huge cost of Lewis Hamilton, Jared Leto and Nina Dobrev’s Antarctica trip

Lewis Hamilton, Shaun White, Nina Dobrev, Zoey Deutch and Jared Leto were among a group of celebrities who kicked off the new year cruising around Antarctica.

Photos and videos the stars posted on social media showed the group on a luxury superyacht, posing with penguins and snowboarding.

It has since been revealed how much the trip approximately cost, leaving shocked fans unable to comprehend what it would be like to be so wealthy.

The superyacht used was the “Octopus”, built for the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The 126-metre vessel is one of the world’s largest yachts.

Octopus, listed for sale for €235 million ($362 million), was sold to Swedish billionaire Roger Samuelsson in 2021 and is available for charter via Mayfair-based yacht broker Camper & Nicholsons from $US2.2 million ($3.16 million) per week.

The yacht has eight decks, sleeps 12 guests, has two helipads, gym, spa, cinema, library, pool, basketball court, and underwater observation lounge.

An American TikToker did a deep dive on the trip, estimating it to be worth $US3.49 million (about $5 million), including tips and other expenses, and one couple’s flights from Los Angeles.

This only included the cost of hiring the yacht for one week. According to Instagram, the famous group were in Antarctica for at least three weeks, meaning the trip could have cost triple the amount.

Ben Keenan, who runs the @ivebentraveling account, posted his video on Monday, attracting hundreds of comments.

“So do these people just Venmo each other $30(0)k or what?!” wrote one woman.

“I swear we truly don’t understand how rich rich people actually are,” said another.

“Stuck somewhere between ‘damn I want to be rich’ and ‘eat the rich’,” one person joked.

“I cannot imagine living like that like WHAT,” another added

One curious person said: “I want to know how much money they spend yearly just on vacation expenses.”

Some suggested Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, who Forbes reported to have made $US65 million ($93.2 million) last year across contracts and sponsorships, would have shouted the trip.

Hamilton celebrated his 38th birthday on January 7.

“It’s a great way to start the year. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been … or equal tie with Africa maybe,” he said in a video. “Look at that view out there. Super grateful.”

Actress Nina Dobrev, who is dating three-time Olympic gold medallist snowboarder Shaun White, also celebrated her birthday on the trip on January 9. She turned 34 years old.

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