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Huge problem with viral ‘Big Red Boot’ from US brand MSCHF

ByGurinderbir Singh

Feb 13, 2023

A pair of giant rubber boots have taken the internet by storm – but there’s one huge problem with the goofy viral footwear.

US fashion label MSCHF unveiled the “Big Red Boot” earlier this month, and while the $500 shoes look like something straight out of a cartoon book, it hasn’t stopped people going wild for them on social media.

Some have likened the super smooth shoes to the iconic footwear worn by the Japanese superhero character “Astro Boy” as others compared them to moon boots.

A handful of influencers have got their mitts on the shoes ahead of the release on February 16, prompting a huge reaction to the unusual footwear.

Many have described the deliberately kooky product as “insane”, “absurd” and “stupid”.

Of course, there are people who think the unique boots are “pretty cute”.

But as well as appearing very hard to walk in, not to mention difficult to style with what most of us have in our wardrobes, the big red boots are also “impossible” to take off.

A video shared by content creator @lilap3 shows how difficult the boots are to remove, as a man wearing them lies on the floor holding his leg while a friend tries desperately to pull them off.

Eventually a second person has to step in to help, as the man wearing the boots is dragged around the floor.

“Try at your own risk,” the clip was captioned, along with two laughing emojis.

The video has been viewed more than four million times since it was shared, with thousands of comments reacting to the debacle.

“Legend has it he’s still wearing the boots,” one joked.

“I’ve been crying at this since it was posted,” another said.

“I can literally see where the panic starts to set in,” a third wrote

In another TikTok video, an influencer who struggled to take the huge boots off described the task as “impossible”, revealing it took 30 minutes to get them off.

The incredibly bulky, and somewhat impractical, shoes are so ludicrous, many questioned whether they were a “joke” – something the brand rejected.

“It’s not a satire,” MSCHF said in a statement to The New York Times.

“But what’s interesting is that we’re at a moment in time where it doesn’t have to be.”

The group told the publication the cartoonish aesthetic had been “mainstreamed enough” to make the Big Red Boot credible as a real-life shoe.

MSCHF, a New York-based collective with a rich history of trolling consumer culture, has previously caused a stir with a pair of $110,000 “Birkinstock” sandals made out of an expensive Birkin bag.

It also created the “Jesus Shoe,” which was a Nike Air Max 97 whose Air bubbles were filled with “holy water”.

Nike sued the company for using their custom Air Max 97s in the design.

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