• Mon. Mar 6th, 2023

Karl Stefanovic and Ali Langdon have squared off in an awkward exchange on the Today Show after Stefanovic called his co-host “condescending”.

Today weather presenter Scherri-Lee Biggs was reporting from King Fisher Bay Resort on scenic Fraser Island on Tuesday when she got her facts and words mixed up.

“Guys, I just want to tell you that it is really lovely because this resort was actually built after I was born,” she said.

But Biggs soon started to second guess herself.

“No before? No after? I don‘t know … my brain is coming back from holiday,” she joked.

Langdon quickly stepped in to help the confused reporter.

“How old are you again Scherri-Lee,” she asked.

“I am 32 in two weeks,” Biggs replied.

Langdon told her that meant the resort was built before she was born.

“I was born before thank you Ally,” Bigg saids.

“Here to help sweetheart,” Langdon replied.

It was at that point that Stefanovic entered the fray

“Gee that sounded condescending,” he commented.

But Landon quickly clarified that she meant no ill will with her words.

“I definitely didn’t mean it to be,” she said.

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