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Logan Paul in Australia: Youtuber turned Boxer promotes Prime Energy Drink on Today Show

ByGurinderbir Singh

Feb 13, 2023

Fans have been injured after pushing over a concrete barricade to the ground in a frantic rush to get a glimpse of Youtube stars after a meet-and-greet went awry outside the Today show studio.

Thousands of fans crammed into the street outside the morning show studio in the early hours of Monday morning to see Youtubers turned professional boxers Logan Paul and KSI.

The pair were at the Today show to promote a new energy drink called Prime.

The throng of fans had waited through the night under the impression the two celebrities would walk through the crowd and offer a meet-and-greet style set-up.

However, the event was adapted by event organisers at the last minute due to the heaving crowds.

At about 9am when the Youtubers stepped out onto a balcony overlooking the street, the crowd surged forward at speed to catch a glimpse, forcing bodies up against a concrete barricade.

The NCA NewsWire understands that crowds became so out of control that they managed to push over the heavy 4-ft barricade sending security guards stumbling backwards.

Police officers, who were called in to help manage the crowd, which is speculated to have grown to more than 1000 people, assisted fallen fans.

Others were seen helping the security guard who was pushed to the ground.

The rush was believed to be caused by a promise of a free Prime Energy drink.

Fans were asked to grab their free Prime Energy drinks before being told to leave.

Paul, who describes himself an “artist, boxer and wrestler”, has more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube and last year announced his drink company partnership with KSI.The pair founded the drink Prime, which became the Premier League team Arsenal’s official drink, and is expected to feature heavily at UFC fighting events.

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