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McDonald’s Australia hits back at claims burgers have shrunk

ByGurinderbir Singh

Aug 16, 2022

McDonald’s Australia has hit back after customers claimed burgers from the fast food giant have shrunk.

It comes after a Facebook user compared the size of a Filet-O-Fish to a McChicken and one of the outlet’s beef burgers.

“Have McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish always been this small? I don’t remember it being mini, kid-sized like this,” the Facebook user asked.

But Macca’s said its burgers have not shrunk.

“There have been no changes to the size of our burgers,” a McDonald’s spokesperson told news.com.au.

“We are committed to offering our customers great quality, great value burgers featuring 100 per cent RSPCA approved chicken and 100 per cent Aussie beef.”

Several people were quick to respond to the image that sparked the comment from McDonald’s, with one joking all Macca’s food are “super small sized”.

One said: “We had Big Macs last week. Not only have the buns shrunk but the meat patties were so thin we could see literally through them. Was as if they had sliced them in half.”

Another added: “Just like the Quarter Pounder got its name as it was a quarter pound of beef, it’s barely that now.”

It isn’t the first time that people have called into question the size of McDonald’s burgers.

Social media users across platforms have questioned whether McDonald’s burgers have shrunk in the last year.

“You should rename your Big Mac to the Mac slider,” one man wrote online. “It’s shrunk so much there’s nothing big about it.”

Another took to Twitter to complain about the allegedly shrinking burgers.

“I’m now in Kambra. The drive down was easy and pleasant, with one stop at Macca’s to grab a Not-so-Big-Mac,” the man tweeted.

“I can’t believe how much smaller the beef patties are. Micro-bloody-scopic.”

Another added: “Big Macs were massive in those days, and the toys were fab.”

One person said: “Yes Big Macs were huge. They are much smaller now.”

One TikTok comedian – @tomvanlooij – even created a skit involving a father taking their child to McDonald’s, only to complain about the size of the food.

“Oh you’re joking,” he said as he unwraps a roll in place of a burger.

“Oh my god, that’s tiny. You’re joking. Wow I can’t believe that.

“Back in my day you had to hold it with two hands.”

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