• Sun. May 14th, 2023

McDonald’s in New Zealand blasted over ageist job advertisement

A New Zealand McDonald’s has been blasted online over a job advertisement, with furious social media users labelling it ageist.

Promoted by McDonald’s Auckland Central, the notice called for night shift workers — but only those aged 16 to 60.

The job perks included special overnight allowances and free meals and drinks during the shift.

“Starting rates at $22.80, discounted food anytime, special overnight allowances, DM for details or apply today via the link,” the post read.

It also said there applicants could score between five and 40 hours of work per week with no experience needed.

But not everyone was lovin’ the job ad, with union representatives and online users left fuming over the age reference and the pitiful amount of pay.

Joe Carolan from Unite Union in New Zealand slammed the ad, calling it “bizarre”.

“Contrary to the myth that most McDonald’s jobs are (for) part-time students, improvements made by the union throughout the years have seen many workers stay in these jobs into their 50s,” Carolan told the New Zealand Herald.

“Older workers bring experience, stability and maturity to a workplace, and we call on McDonald’s to end this discriminatory ageism.”

It also drew the ire of Reddit users, with a post on the social platform reading: “Work for Macca’s Auckland as long as you’re not older than 60 years old!”

“Freedom from discrimination based on age is in our bill of rights,” one person wrote.

“It is illegal to discriminate based on age for 60 year olds I’m guessing?” another asked to which the original poster replied “Yeah, 100% illegal”.

The rate of “$22.80 is a sad state of times for a graveyard or any time shift in general,” a third added.

“Wowie, 10c above minimum wage,” a fourth said.

A former worker even weighed in, adding in the thread: “Graveyard at Maccas is also the most depressing and draining thing I’ve ever done.

“The customers at those times typically aren’t the nicest of people either, unfortunately.”

McDonald’s NZ spokesman Simon Kenny told the publication that he was aware one of its franchisees’ had come to the attention of social media users over its ad stipulating the “16 to 60” age range.

“The reference in the copy was intended to illustrate that people of all ages are welcome. We’ve asked the franchisee to update the copy to avoid any potential confusion,” he said.

A McDonald’s store manager told the Herald they were aware of the ad.

“It’s not the store who decides (the wording of the ad),” they said. “It’s the head office.”

The job post has since been removed, and replaced with a new listing which no longer mentions an age range for applicants or specific hours.

“We are a diverse workplace and equal opportunity employer,” the new ad reads.

– with New Zealand Herald

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