• Sun. Mar 19th, 2023

Moment US teacher quits in the middle of class after students mock her | Video

Video has emerged of a US teacher quitting her job and storming out of a classroom after being taunted by students.

The footage was posted to TikTok with text reading “they made the teacher leave.”

The clip shows the unidentified woman visibly upset as she packed up her belongings before running out of the room.

At first, students can be heard laughing, before a male voice said “woah isn’t no way” as the teacher continued on her outburst.

“And people are laughing, I’m gonna go, I don’t even care if I don’t get paid today. I’m just a stupid old white lady, that’s all,” she said.

“Yeah, do whatever you want to do, I don’t care. You’re gonna do it anyway.”

While students pleaded with her to stay, the teacher insisted on leaving.

“I’m walking, I’m walking right out the door. I won’t ever be back,” she said.

It is unclear where in the US the incident occurred and when the video was filmed.

The video has attracted 9.3 million views and reposted over 11,000 reposts.

Many social media users sympathised with the teacher and praised her for walking out.

“So glad she walked out. She saved herself,” one person wrote.

“Honestly I applaud the teacher for walking out,” another said.

“My heart broke for that lady. You hear the pain in her voice,” a third wrote.

“They don’t get paid enough to deal with this,” a fourth person said.

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