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Pacific island nation Tonga rocked by massive earthquake; felt in Samoa

ByGurinderbir Singh

May 11, 2023

Cabinets were flung open during a major earthquake that rocked the Pacific island nation of Tonga – some as far away as Samoa also being able to feel the tremors.

The 7.5 magnitude quake struck 73km northwest of Hihifo island about 5am Thursday, according to Geoscience Australia.

Aggie Pula-Letuligasenoa lives in the nearby Pacific island United States territory of American Samoa, and also felt the tremor.

“That was a strong earthquake,” she posted to her Facebook profile early on Thursday morning.

“It was a long one too.”

“It woke us up. All the kitchen cabinets were flung open,” said friend Andre-Denise Meredith, also of American Samoa, in the comments.

The Australian government agency recorded the quake at a depth of 212km.

The Bureau of Meteorology said there was no tsunami warning following the earthquake.

“A 7.5 magnitude earthquake near Tonga is not expected to produce a tsunami threat for Australia or its offshore territories,” a bureau spokesman said.

Tonga was rocked by a devastating volcanic eruption in late-2021 that caused widespread devastation and left residents cut off from the outside world for weeks.

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