• Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

Passenger sneaks extra bags on plane dividing opinion

A woman has divided opinion online after she was filmed sneaking extra bags on to a flight.

Passengers frequently come up with methods to get around airlines’ strict carry-on luggage requirements.

But this person’s act was labelled by many as “unacceptable” after she was captured hiding a number of extra bags as she was getting ready to board the plane, The Sun reports.

Her method was very simple – she stacked the extra bags on top of her suitcase, with the handle pulled up.

She then draped her coat over the handle, with the secret bags concealed inside.

The person who filmed her was very impressed with what he had seen.

On the video shared to TikTok by a man named Kyle, he wrote: “I know this queen had bags hidden behind that jacket.

“But she was bold and she was confident and she got them on in addition to the three that is already one over the limit.”

However, while Kyle seemed impressed by the woman’s act, not many others agreed with him.

One wrote: “Nope! Unacceptable! Now someone else who legit only has one carry-on is gonna have to check it at the gate because of her rude a**.”

Another said: “It’s always these kind of people who also refuse to keep their personal item below the seat and fill a whole row of overhead compartments.”

A third added: “What are you people hauling with you on every flight. Why would you need to pack that much stuff as carry-on?”

However, a few did agree with Kyle that it was a good method.

One said: “I love everything about this and I would do the same.”

The woman is far from the first person to come up with an innovative way to get extra items on board a plane without having to pay for them.

In a video on TikTok, a user who goes by the name @freiavi showed how she removed the insides from her pillow and filled it with extra clothing.

The video was captioned: “POV you’ve just booked a Ryanair flight, without wanting to pay for extra luggage.”

It showed her taking the pillow through airport security and on to the plane and ended with her dumping her smuggled clothing out on her hotel bed.

She isn’t the first person to get away with the hack either.

Anya Iakovlieva, who goes by the handle @nolimitua on TikTok, also smuggled extra items with her on the plane by using an empty pillowcase.

She filmed herself stuffing the pillowcase with a load of clothes, then placing it on top of her suitcase.

Presumably, the cabin crew checking passengers on board assumed the pillow was going to be used as a sleeping aid, as she then showed a clip of herself hugging the pillow on the flight.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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