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QLD rental crisis: TikTok influencer Rach McQueen slams Bundaberg rental property

ByGurinderbir Singh

May 16, 2023

A renter has exposed one of the most shocking properties currently up for rent in Queensland.

Rach McQueen is reviewing some of the market lowlights in a rental review series – which boasts more than 50,000 followers – on TikTok titled “Real Estate with Rachel”.

The series’ latest addition is a “two-bedroom” apartment advertised on Facebook Marketplace for $520 per week in Bundaberg, 400km north of Brisbane.

“$520 per week for this monstrosity of a rental property,” she wrote in the caption of the video posted over the weekend.

The advertisement described a “loft-style” layout with photographs showing a ladder affixed to the wall leading up to a second storey.

“Not one totally separated room. It would seem that even the bathroom doesn’t have a door.

“No walls, no doors in the whole place, nothing.”

Ms McQueen went on to describe the kitchen as a “bitchen”, due to the fact it appears to be conveniently located next to the bathroom – though without a door to separate them.

“The toilet on the bare concrete floor is right next to that doorway, which may or may not have a door, which is right next to the kitchen,” she said.

“Yes, I would classify this as a ‘bitchen’.”

She also had concerns over the bare necessities the kitchen seemed to be lacking including a stove, pantry and benchspace to prepare food.

“This is the only benchspace that you have to prep and put your plug-in appliances. How the f*** do you suggest that any dishes get washed in that sink,” she said.

Ms McQueen then ventures a glance upstairs, where a ladder leads to a low-ceiling she deems a “crawlspace”.

“So, the bedrooms are literally exclusively for sleeping because you cannot stand up in here, and you would be hard-pressed to sit up, too,” she said.

“You would be f****** army crawling over to the bed.”

She concluded the place was not appropriate for the two or three people the advertisement claimed it was suited for, particularly not at the high price of $520 a week.

The video, which has been viewed by almost 300,000 people over the last three days, attracted some equally emotive responses from viewers.

“This looks like a budget tiny house someone would make in the Sims,” one person joked.

“This literally reminds me of the cubbyhouse I had as a kid,” another added.

Others appeared unfazed by the shocking rental property, given the state of the rental crisis in Queensland and across the nation.

“Sad thing is it will be rented out,” one person said.

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