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Queensland residents urged to prepare for the worst as bushfire moves fast

ByGurinderbir Singh

Feb 15, 2023

A large and fast moving bushfire is burning in the direction of one of Queensland’s main highways, with authorities warning conditions could get worse very quickly.

Just after 2.50pm on Wednesday, a watch and act message was issued for an area 360km west of Brisbane which takes in the Leichhardt Hwy, Stiller Brothers Rd, Tree Creek Rd, Retreat Rd and Old Forrest Rd in Kowguran and Myall Park.

“There is a heightened level of threat and conditions are changing,” Queensland Fire and Emergency Services shared.

“Prepare to leave and start taking protective action now.”

Those in the area with a bushfire survival plan are encouraged to refer to it now.

“Firefighters are working to contain the fire, however you should not expect a firefighter at your door. Firefighting aircraft may assist ground crews,” QFES said.

The department said some properties are currently under threat, and that the fire is due to impact the community further in the coming hours.

A refuge centre previously opened at Miles Leichhardt Centre is currently closed, however if residents require emergency accommodation they are urged to call the Western Downs Regional Council on 1300 268 624.

Residents 30km south of the main fire are being urged to remain vigilant, with the blaze also threatening Guluguba and Hookswood.

As of 2.15pm on Wednesday, the fire was moving quickly from Welshs Rd towards the Leichhardt Highway.

Meanwhile, fires which ripped through Fairyland on Monday have been reduced to a “stay informed” threat level, with QFES no longer declaring those blazes a threat to property.

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