• Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Russian woman’s naked meltdown on Aeroflot flight

A Russian woman joined the ever-growing passenger hall of shame after undressing herself on a flight, biting a flight attendant and telling her fellow flyers they were all going to die. Footage of her epic mile-high meltdown is currently blowing up online.

The incident kicked off after the unruly traveller, named Anzhelika Moskvitina, 49, locked herself in the lavatory and began smoking while on an Aeroflot flight from Stavropol to Moscow, the New York Post reports.

The Moscow native, who was suspected of being intoxicated, then bared her chest to her fellow flyers, including children, while telling them they were all doomed.

When a flight attendant attempted to pacify Ms Moskvitina, she reportedly sunk her teeth into him, requiring him to seek medical treatment later after they landed.

Accompanying footage shows the woman clutching her naked breasts while arguing with crew members in front of the emergency exit.

“Lady, take a seat and get dressed. Where are your clothes?” a female stewardess says off-screen. “Do you understand you’re violating the behaviour rules on the plane? There are children here. Respect them at least.”

Unfortunately, her commands are ignored by the woman, who retorted, “I respect children. What’s more, I love children …

“I understand I’ll go to the mental hospital or a prison,” she adds. “But I want to go to the cockpit.”

At one point, a crew member attempts to put a shirt over Ms Moskvitina’s naked breasts, prompting her to scream, “Please go away.”

The dramatic clip concludes with the bitten flight attendant, who still has blood on his shirt, approaching the crazed woman with plastic zip ties as she shrieks, “Leave me alone.”

Thankfully, crew members and business class passengers were able to cuff the woman and put her bra back on. A doctor on board then monitored Ms Moskvitina while the plane arrived at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, whereupon she was detained by police.

Aeroflot subsequently released a statement claiming that the Ms Muscovite had been in “an inadequate state” and “grossly violated the rules of conduct on board the aircraft”.

“Due to the passenger’s destructive behaviour, the aircraft commander decided to use a means of restraint on her,” the airline described.

They also implored the powers that be to implement new laws covering air rage, as well as a blacklist identifying unruly passengers.

The woman has been informed that she could face criminal charges for wreaking havoc in the sky.

With her mid-air meltdown, Ms Moskvitina joins a growing list of terrible airline passengers.

Other recent additions included an Abu Dhabi-bound passenger who spat on and assaulted crew members and a drunk woman who asked a fellow passenger if he wanted to make whoopee on a flight from Greece to New York City.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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