• Mon. Feb 27th, 2023

Seva Mozhaev calls for free flight upgrades for tall people after Jetstar flight

There are plenty of good things about being tall, but flying isn’t one of them.

A recent generous act by a national carrier has very tall Perth man Seva Mozhaev calling for all airlines to look after taller flyers.

Earlier this month, the 6ft 10ins Tiktok influencer and consultant was helplessly crammed in a Jetstar seat on a flight from WA to Victoria when he was given the tap on the shoulder by staff.

Mr Mozhaev took to social media earlier this month to share the gesture by Jetstar staff which he says should happen on all airlines.

His video shows him crunched into a standard economy seat for the flight with a perturbed facial expression doing all the talking.

“Flight attendant to the rescue,” the video then states.

In the next frame, Mr Mozhaev has been moved to a section of the plane where the seat in front has been removed.

“Jetstar staff care,” he wrote in his video.

Jetstar even responded to his video, stating: “Glad you got to stretch out a little in the end.”

Mozhaev told news.com.au of the perilous ordeal tall flyers like him regularly face, either being forced to fork out for emergency exits seats now sold at a premium, or for full upgrades.

He said moments like the Jetstar flight, where proactive staff worked to make his flight comfortable, were rare.

“That was a very surprising moment because I normally have to pay an upgrade on any flights domestically,” he said.

“The fact that the plane was almost fully booked and I was very lucky that seat was available by the time the cabin closed – I was like, “that’s amazing.”

He said carriers should make exemptions for people of his stature who “physically cannot fit” in regular seats.

“I want the emergency exit and to see that there’s a 50 to $100 Extra – I get it from your average height – But I just don’t get why should I be paying more?

“You’re born tall, I didn’t choose to be tall. I was just blessed, right.

“In these regular seats – if they recline – I cannot sit there normally.

“I have to go sideways. I have to put my feet in the aisle, or I have to go across to the lady next to me who’s probably thinking I’m trying to make a move on her.”

But it’s not just air travel he struggles with.

Tragically, in what is a common occurrence on his social media feeds, Mozhaev discovered the hard way that Lamborghinis are not for him.

After struggling to cram into the sports car, Mozhaev assumes the driving position – knees almost above the steering wheel and head hitting the roof, forcing it to the side.

“(The car) is unfortunately not for me,” he declares.

For the record – He drives a Volkswagen Tiguan.

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