• Wed. May 10th, 2023

Shock at ‘saucy scene’ in Switzerland hotel photos on Booking.com

Shocked holiday-makers have done a double take after spotting a rather ‘saucy’ sight on a hotel bed.

Stunned travel fans stumbled across the apparent X-rated scene while searching for places to stay in Switzerland, The Sun reports.

A photo of one of the plush bedrooms at the Hotel Zeit & Traum appears to show a pair of legs raised in the air.

But on closer inspection, it is actually a peach-coloured quilt folded in a very peculiar way.

Travel firm Booking.com has used the ‘kinky’ snap to advertise the hotel on its Facebook page.

And at first, startled followers found themselves covering their eyes.

“I had to do a second glance … who is in the bed?” one person wrote.

“Thought someone had their legs up,” another said.

“Looks like we’re intruding,” wrote a third.

Meanwhile another commenter joked: “You’d think they’d make sure the most recent guest had left the bed before they photographed the room.”

And someone else said: “I’ve heard of napkin swans but that’s going a bit too far.”

The four-star Hotel Zeit & Traum is located in Beatenberg, Switzerland.

Booking.com describes the hotel as “great for two travellers”, with previous guests rating it as 9.2 out of 10 for a “two-person trip”.

The room in question is described as a chateau d’amour (castle of love) suite with spa bath.

A large painting on one wall beside the four-poster bed depicts ‘Leda and the Swan’ – a Greek mythology story where Zeus takes the form of a swan to seduce Leda. Another large painting depicts Adam and Eve taking the apple in the Garden of Eden.

With views of the mountains and nearby lake, the suite comes with ‘extra-long beds’, a spa bath, mini bar, flat screen TV and private sauna. Booking.com prices start from $A730 per night.

One previous guest said in the reviews section: “Very unusual hotel, great fun and wonderful value for money.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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