• Wed. Mar 15th, 2023

Shocking moment passengers brawl on Southwest Airlines flight

This is the shocking moment a brutal mid-air brawl erupted on-board a flight leaving passengers screaming in terror.

In footage taken on-board a flight with US low-budget carrier Southwest Airlines, a fight is seen in the plane’s aisle between a man in a baseball cap and another man in a black jacket, The Sun reports.

The man in the cap gets the other into a headlock as he calls him a “p**ck”.

Other passengers then manage to separate the pair of brawling men, as cries of “stop it” and “let go of him” can be heard.

But just as they think the situation has calmed down, the man in the baseball cap gets one more punch in as a bystander shouts, “Do not hit him again! Stay back,” before the clip ends.

The chaos broke out on a flight from Dallas to Phoenix on Monday.

In another clip from inside the cabin, the man in the cap details his version of events, shouting: “I’m telling everybody what happened. He approached me aggressively with my family.

“Don’t play with my family.”

He then points at the man in the black jacket, saying: “Tell them what happened. Tell them what you did.

“I will sit down in jail for you approaching my family. I will die for my family, so that’s why I beat your a**. No other reason.”

Witnesses said both men were escorted off the plane. Miraculously, the incident did not delay the flight and it arrived as scheduled.

Southwest Airlines said in a statement: “We commend our crew for managing the situation as safety professionals while also ensuring the comfort of other passengers in the cabin.”

The passenger who recorded the footage claims the fracas began after the man in the black jacket “bumped into [the man in the cap’s] wife by accident, and he started mouthing off”.

She claimed that the man in the cap hit the other man “four to five times” before she began recording, Fox News reports.

The Dallas Police Department said no arrests were made.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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