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Terrifying ‘glove’ stunt in Sydney road rage chase | Video

ByGurinderbir Singh

Feb 23, 2023

A “deranged” Sydney driver threatened to kill a fellow motorist and repeatedly put lives at risk during a terrifying 10-minute road rage car chase that was caught on camera.

The incident occurred on Wednesday this week in Sydney’s west, with the footage shared on YouTube soon after.

It began when a male driver of a white ute suddenly began swearing at a male motorist and his female passenger, aggressively swerving in front of them and cutting them off in traffic.

The female passenger can be heard asking “why” they were being targeted, with the male driver saying he had “no idea” and that they needed to start filming “just in case”.

As the cars pull up alongside each other in the traffic, the ute driver – wearing a distinctive blue bandana – can be heard yelling out “f**kwit” and cheering, before leaning out of his window, flipping the bird and yelling “f**k you”.

He then dangerously swerves in front of them once again before coming to a complete stop in the middle of the traffic, blocking his victims for several minutes with his hazard lights on and forcing other road users to drive around them.

The female driver eventually askes “why are you yelling?” before more abuse is unleashed.

“F**k you b***h,” he screams.

“This f**kwit moved over to the left like a f**king softc**k, don’t f**king stop.

“I’ll f**king kill you motherf**ker right now and you won’t know what f**king hit you, do you understand?”

The female passenger urges the driver to head down a different street, but the driver replies that “he’s just going to follow me”.

“You think the police can help you?” the ute driver can be heard yelling.

The pair then search for the nearest police station on their phone, which is in Campsie, and decide to head there, while also calling the station to alert them to the danger.

The driver tells a police officer over the phone that the ute driver has been “aggressively following me for about 10 minutes” and that they were three minutes away from the station.

He reports the ute’s rego number and tells the officer he “genuinely [doesn’t] know” why he was being chased.

At one point, the ute begins veering into the car’s lane, with the female passenger observing “he’s trying to drive into us now” and noting that he “looks a bit drunk”.

Things then take a seriously creepy turn around nine minutes into the footage, when the driver of the ute – who is still tailgating the car – pulls on a black glove and begins making chilling and threatening gestures out of his window.

Finally, when they are mere metres away from the police station, the ute finally drives away while beeping.

The driver later posted about the incident on Reddit, and wrote that “apparently this bloke is well known in the area for losing his s**t at people”.

He confirmed that he had shared his phone video footage with police and offered to share dashcam footage as well, and had been told that if they wanted to make a statement, the matter would likely end up in court.

“Police were relatively helpful and nice but not much help in regards of taking any further action or getting this guy off the road,” he continued.

“I didn’t really want to run into this guy again any more than I have too and didn’t want to take the chance he learns our names etc [or] any details if we were to go to court.

“So [I] just let it be and drove home.”

Fellow Reddit users were full of sympathy over the “terrifying” incident, with many praising the driver and passenger for staying so calm under such dangerous circumstances.

“The black glove thing is creepy! And he kept following you for like 10 mins? Geez! You handled this so well. How scary!” one person wrote.

“This guy is a danger to everyone. He needs serious jail time before he injures someone. Please keep us in the loop. He should be banned from driving for a year as a minimum,” another posted.

“Genuinely can’t see what you did that might possibly have prompted even 1 per cent of his deranged reaction. You handled it well,” another added.

NSW Police confirmed that “there was no official report made to police regarding that incident”.

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