• Sun. May 28th, 2023

Terrifying video shows South Korea plane door open during flight

A plane passenger in South Korea is said to have opened the aircraft’s emergency door during flight, violently blasting the interior with air and startling passengers and crew.

Other passengers attempted to stop the suspect but failed to prevent him from partially opening the emergency exit door.

The Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 aircraft was immediately filled with a whirlwind that disoriented passengers, FOX Business reports.

Upon landing, the suspect was arrested by police on charges of violating aviation security laws.

The plane was en route to the Daegu Airport in the southeastern region of the Korean peninsula.

The suspect allegedly pulled open the emergency door while at a 700-feet (213 metres) altitude during the plane’s descent.

Twelve passengers were reportedly so affected by the blasting winds that they were taken to the hospital.

Some of the affected passengers reported breathing issues and ear pain from the rapid decompression of the airplane cabin.

The identity of the passenger who opened the emergency door and was arrested is currently unknown.

This article originally appeared on FOX Business and was reproduced with permission

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