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Tesla Australia cancels Model S and Model X

ByGurinderbir Singh

May 15, 2023

Tesla has pulled the plug on plans to sell its largest cars in Australia.

The electric car brand has contacted customers to say that the Model S sedan and Model X SUV will no longer be offered in Australia.

That means the Ferrari-baiting Model S Plaid – a car that claims to reach 100km/h in just 2.1 seconds – is off-limits to Aussie enthusiasts.

A note sent to customers who expressed interest in the model said that “due to recent changes to the vehicle program, Model S will not be available in right-hand drive”.

“Unfortunately this means your order is unable to be fulfilled and will be cancelled … we understand that this may be disappointing news to receive and want to apologise for any inconvenience caused,” it said.

Customers were offered $3000 in credit to buy smaller and less powerful Model 3 or Y machines.

The brand already abandoned plans to offer a $239,000 sedan with 820kW, known as the Model S Plaid+.

Instead, customers were asked to make do with the $216,000 Model S Plaid that offered just 760kW – still more than any Porsche, Ferrari or Lambo in Australia.

Fans on the public Tesla Owners Australia Facebook page expressed frustration with the decision.

One potential owner said “a fair bit of respect was lost for Tesla this week”, and another said it represented a “terrible disappointment”.

“I feel like I have broken up with a girlfriend I never got to know,” they said.

While some Tesla customers vowed to maintain faith in the brand, others felt the decision to delete cars from the Australian line-up undermined confidence in upcoming models.

Thousands of Aussies have placed a $150 deposit on the Tesla Cybertruck ute, or $66,000 deposits on the Tesla Roadster supercar.

“This is why I refuse to put a deposit down for the Cybertruck,” said one Facebook user.

“To my mind it’s pie in the sky until it’s here. Pretty dishonest to seek an interest-free loan so far in advance (yes, that’s how I see it – a large corporation crowdsourcing funding).”

Another fan said it makes them “fear the worst for the Cybertruck” and that Tesla’s communication skills were “piss poor”.

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