• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The Masked Singer reveals continued on Tuesday night’s episode of the show, with the Zombie unmasked as much-loved former Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins.

The spooky Zombie costume marked something of an image change for the popular children’s entertainer, who wowed in her final performance on the show with a rendition of Radiohead’s gloomy 90s classic Creep.

Watkins made a somewhat surprising revelation after she was revealed: She’s “really nervous” about singing.

“I grew up as a dancer, so I really only learnt to sing through the Wiggles… And so I was always very afraid to sing in front of people, so the idea of this show was absolutely perfect. I‘m actually very grateful to Zombie and I owe her everything,” she said.

Watkins’ reveal marked the second correct guess in a row for judge Chrissie Swan, who’d picked her – and in Sunday’s episode, had correctly picked TV presenter Jamie Durie.

Elsewhere in Monday’s show, the Blowfly performed Tina Arena’s Chains, still sounding unmistakably like Shannon Noll. The judging panel all seemed to agree – except for Shannon Noll, who guessed… long-dead opera singer Pavarotti.

And the Mirrorball sang Bon Jovi’s Chains, with all the clues still pointing to former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton: There were references to “going West” (Thornton dated Kanye West) and being the odd one out in a group (Thornton did not return to the Pussycat Dolls for their ill-fated 2020 reunion).

Meanwhile, if our sleuthing is correct, it seems Monday’s new wildcard contestant could be The Masked Singer Australia’s biggest ‘get’ to date.

New contestant is a genuine superstar

Times like this, an inexhaustible knowledge of girl group members really comes in handy. Debuting in the competition on Monday’s episode, ‘wildcard’ contestant the Microphone belted out the Chaka Khan classic Ain’t Nobody.

Those soaring vocals should be instantly recognisable to Destiny’s Child fans: It’s absolutely DC member Michelle Williams.

And girl group member recognises girl group member: Judge and former Spice Girl Mel B was immediately convinced it was Michelle under the mask.

And all the clues stacked up, too: The microphone was shown holding a Butterfly – Williams competed as the Butterfly in a US season of The Masked Singer.

The Microphone said she eventually learned to “Believe In Me” – the name of one of Williams’ songs. There was a reference to “purple patches”: Michelle starred in The Colour Purple stage musical.

The microphone was also shown doing Rock Paper Scissors, which is also the name of a mental health organisation Williams is associated with.

A tango played as the Microphone talked about her “life of crime” – Williams played Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway (home to the show-stopping song Cell Block Tango).

And how’s this for a curveball: There was a boxing bag in shot during the clues package. Google “Michelle Williams boxing” and you’ll find… a bunch of articles about how the other Michelle Williams, the Oscar-nominated actress, wanted to be a boxer growing up.

So far this season, we’ve seen celebs including Neighbours actor Ryan Moloney, swimming champ Lisa Curry and Aussie actress Pia Miranda revealed as the performers underneath the masks.

And in Sunday night’s episode, a new unmasking that marked a big win for judge Chrissie Swan: The Tiger was revealed to be Australian TV host and gardening expert Jamie Durie, who Swan had tipped from the moment he first opened his mouth.

Meanwhile, we’ve had our annual guess at who exactly is beneath each of the remaining masks this season – and we’re confident we’ve correctly picked at least five of the contestants’ true identities.

The Masked Singer continues 7:30pm Tuesday on Ten.

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