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TikTok frog Frodrick becomes famous after house series

ByGurinderbir Singh

Feb 28, 2023

What started as one video of a frog awkwardly perched on an Australian man’s fence has escalated into a heartwarming fairytale capturing millions of hearts across the globe.

In the past four months social media creator Unknown Dazza has built an enormous audience by documenting the life of a wild frog, nicknamed Frodrick, he had taken a shining to.

After noticing Frodrick struggling one day to balance on the fence post, Dazza decided to design a more comfortable alternative, film it and upload it to social media.

The armchair critics however were fast to let him know where they felt he could improve the design, which he had created using a 3D printer.

A subsequent version of Frodrick’s perch had a patio, soft arm rests, windows on every side and something Dazza described as “increased ribbet amplification”.

Followers were still, unsurprisingly, unsatisfied with the improvements and felt that what Frodrick really needed was a pool.

“So we made a pool with plants and this infinity edge waterfall, and Frodrick liked it. He even had a friend over,” Dazza said in a TikTok summarising the “full Frod story”.

Cute videos showed the frog enjoying his renovated pad with a friend, but a new suspected threat emerged – a possum.

“Without knowing the possum’s intentions, we built Frodrick an emergency cave,” Dazza said, showing himself attaching a secure capsule to the bottom of the fort.

Security footage showed Frodrick hosting a “night time pool party” with multiple other frogs and eventually the possum, who after realising he was friendly, was named King Julien.

Followers then suggested Dazza build a contraption that would attract bugs, guaranteeing Frodrick a consistent supply of food.

“After a lot of designs, we ended up with this spaceship,” Dazza said, showing off a grey platform with a shelter and a bright light shining out of its floor.

He also added a pond on the ground next to the fence, complete with its own lily, water filter and climbing mesh on the neighbouring piece of fence.

It was so inviting that Frodrick had company and before long, hundreds of eggs, then tadpoles.

“So we added a tadpole ramp and then there were baby frogs everywhere,” Dazza said, showing a pipe he put next to the pond to help frogs get up to Frodrick’s house.

“Then it turned out there was also a pregnant female possum, we named her Queen Julia. She had the baby, we named him Mort.

“There’s now a live stream where Mort and QJ have dinner each night, with their hands.”

Dazza summarised by showing Frodrick’s humble beginning as a frog on an uncomfortable fence post, to his new digs in his frog mansion with a sprawling pond and separate bug attractor.

More than 400,000 people have been following Frodrick on his “rags to riches” journey, with his latest video being watched more than 25 million times.

“It’s crazy how invested we’ve all become, Frod and his little world is the only ‘reality show’ I watch,” one comment on the latest video read.

“Been here since day one. I’m so happy with how this is going,” someone else said.

“That frog is living better than me. Way to go internet,” another said.

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