• Wed. May 10th, 2023

TV advertisement instructing how to survive a mass shooting proves the US has a massive problem

A shocking gun violence safety video has sparked debate online after it was released by the FBI.

The video starts with a couple grabbing some drinks in a typical American bar when a fight breaks out.

Suddenly gun shots are fired into the crowd sending customers and staff running for their lives.

The four minute clip attempts to portray a hyper-realistic setting, with victims bleeding on the floor as the shooter makes his way through the bar.

A voiceover instructs the public to either “run, hide or fight”, emphasising the importance of quick decision making.

The clip says to always run downstairs, to show your open palms when running towards the police and to describe the shooter as quickly as possible so officers can locate them.

If trapped inside with a shooter the video says people should try and hide in a room or cupboard, barricading the door and arming themselves with anything that can be used as a weapon in case they need to fight.

In extreme circumstances the video says people should try to disarm the shooter.

As the video ends a voiceover says: “You can survive a mass shooting if you’re prepared.

“Remember run, hide or fight.”

The video has been recirculated online, with some viewers openly wondering why they have to live in a society where just about anyone can acquire a gun from a corner store.

“Why in America do we have to Run, Hide, Fight! EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?” one Twitter user wrote.

“This is so depressing and made me actually cry,” one commented.

In 2022, the US recorded 647 mass shootings, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Officials said the instructional video is the 21st century equivalent of “Stop, Drop, Roll”, with the threat of being involved in a mass shooting evidently rising in the nation of 330 million.

“As children we’re all taught by the fire department to stop, drop and roll if you’re on fire,” spokesman and video producer Richard Retz said.

“Unfortunately, with our society the way it is today, we felt that there had to be a new one.”

However, John Matthews, the author of Mass Shootings: Six Steps for Survival, says fighting back can be the worst thing to do in the wrong scenario.

“Too many programs are telling citizens to engage the offender and there is absolutely zero research behind that,” he said.

The New York Times published an article in December last year declaring the direction simplistic.

“Underlying the idea of ‘run, hide, fight’ is the presumption that volitional choices are readily available in situations of danger,” author Joseph Ledoux wrote.

“But the fact is, when you are in danger, whether it is a bicyclist speeding at you or a shooter locked and loaded, you may well find yourself frozen, unable to act and think clearly.”

The debate over gun control has been raging after another massive attack in Texas this week, where a gunman killed eight people – including children – at a shopping centre.

The gunman – who authorities said acted alone – was killed by a police officer on Saturday afternoon, local time, after he began firing outside the Allen Premium Outlets mall in Allen, Texas.

City fire chief Jonathan Boyd told reporters seven victims were found dead at the scene, and nine others were transported to area hospitals for treatment, two of whom have since died.

Three victims are in critical surgery and four others are stable, he said, according to the New York Post.

Medical City Healthcare, a Dallas-area hospital system, said it was treating eight patients between the ages of five and 61.

According to media reports, the mass shooting was partially captured in chilling dashcam video. In the footage, the gunman can reportedly be seen stepping out of his silver sedan and immediately begins shooting at passers-by.

The shots continue for nearly 30 seconds and more than three dozen shots can be heard before the vehicle, which was recording the scene, drives away.

An Allen Police Department officer was in the mall on an unrelated call when gunfire broke out around 3.36pm local time, according to a statement from City of Allen City Hall.

“The officer engaged the suspect and neutralised the threat. He then called for emergency personnel,” the statement reads.

“Nine victims were transported to local hospitals by Allen Fire Department. A multi-agency response helped secure the mall.”

Officers initially thought there might be a second shooter at the mall, and police combed through the stores as footage from the scene showed shoppers and store employees rushing into parking lots.

“There is no longer an active threat,” City Hall said in its statement.

“Our hearts are with the individuals and families impacted by this tragic event.”

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