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Twisties announce raspberry and sherbet flavour is coming to Australia

ByGurinderbir Singh

Feb 10, 2023

A new flavour of the iconic Twisties has divided Australians, as some declare the creation is “too much” for their tastebuds.

Raspberry-flavoured Twisties are set to hit Coles supermarket shelves in June after the popular chip brand asked fans to choose from three flavours to pick which one they’d like to buy most at the end of last year.

Despite having “Cheesy Bacon” and “Cheeseburger” flavours as options, Aussies disturbingly chose Twisted Raspberry.

In fact, the bizarre flavour combo – which has been inspired by popular raspberry twist lollies – won by an impressive margin of votes.

Now Aussies have to put their money where their mouth is after PepsiCo, the manufacturer of the popular product, announced Twisties Twisted Raspberry was actually happening.

“Late last year, Twisties, one of the nation’s favourite chip brands asked fans to help solve a nationwide ‘chipocracy’ and vote for which flavour they wanted to see hit shelves this year,” a spokesperson told news.com.au.

“After receiving a whopping 6000 votes, the unexpected Twisted Raspberry took the crown.”

The brand said the new creation would “have tastebuds tingling with its juicy, sweet and sherbet flavour”.

“Fans will need to be quick as the new flavour will hit major grocers and selected P&C stores from this June for a limited time only.”

With still four months until the product becomes available, social media users have been forced to speculate whether the raspberry Twisties will be a good or bad thing – and it seems many fear the latter.

“Not too sure about these,” one wrote on Facebook, as another added: “Sounds gross.”

“Personally, I feel that raspberry has no business being with a Twistie,” someone else said.

“Nah, this is too much, don’t mess with our Twisties,” another wrote.

However many were stoked by the new flavour, declaring: “Bring on Twisted Raspberry.”

“Twisted Raspberry is new and unique. Such a great idea,” another added.

“I would love to give the Twisted Raspberry one a try. Cause why not? Something a bit different! Should be interesting,” someone else said.

“I just can’t imagine raspberry-flavoured but I would give it a try,” wrote another.

Twisties originally launched in Australia 1950 with the iconic cheese flavour. Its unique shape is made through the manufacturing process which involves feeding a mix of milled corn, rice, wheat and water into a machine known as a rotary head or random extruder.

This machine cooks the mix at high temperature and pressure while forming the pieces, resulting in the characteristic Twisties shape with the knobbly surface and squiggly shape. After forming, the pieces are oven-baked before being flavoured with a coating of seasoning and vegetable oil.

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