• Wed. May 10th, 2023

‘Un-Australian’: BBQ picture sparks outrage

ByGurinderbir Singh

May 10, 2023

A Reddit user has sparked debate about the poor etiquette of Aussies after posting a picture of a barbecue at Frew Park in Brisbane with rubbish, burnt food and scraps, plastics and even used utensils strewn across it.

The disgusted user wrote: “Seriously?” Feel like I stumbled across a crime scene …”

Other Reddit users were quick to agree.

One described it as “un-Australian”.

“Public service announcement: if you are going to use public utilities such as this leave it the way you found it or in a better condition then you found it. Please have some decency.”

Another said they never used a park BBQ since they saw faeces “on one in Queen’s Park in Ipswich back in the ’80s”.

While another shared they knew an “idiot Frenchman who doesn’t clean up his litter because the council has people out there cleaning every day”.

The person ended the post by saying, “I hate him”.

Others were quick to make jokes about the state of the barbecue.

“The cheese never stood a chance,” one person quipped.

While another described it as “Law and Order BVU (barbecue victims unit)”.

One opined that “some visitors don’t know our etiquette, they’re not intentionally being jerks. But no one tells them so they don’t know.”

But another said it was more likely, “Aussie bogans”.

“I can’t imagine foreigners eating bread like that and cheese and leaving it …?? Like it’s such a waste especially from those type of cultures. Also leaving tongs???”

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