• Tue. May 23rd, 2023

US man wins $75k lotto twice in two months

A man has struck gold twice in a matter of weeks, taking home the top $75,000 lotto prize two times in two months – and $1.5 million across the past decade.

It’s more luck than most expect to see in a lifetime, but a man has won a US$50,000 (A$75,300) lottery prize twice in two months in the US state of Maryland.

The man, who went unnamed in a statement announcing the win, won both prizes in the state from US$20 (A$30) scratchies he purchased while crossing the border from Pennsylvania to do some construction work.

“I buy a ticket or two at least once a week, either at home or down here,” the winner said.

“All my lottery luck seems to be in Maryland, however.”

In fact, the man said he had taken home more than US$1 million (A$1.5 million) in lottery winnings from Maryland in the past decade. He did not say how much he’d spent on tickets in that period.

In light of his recent $75,000 prize, the man said he was surprised to win for a second time. Of the three scratch-off tickets he purchased at one newsagent, the third one he scanned turned out to be golden.

“I was about to drop the third – the $50,000 cash ticket – into the can when I saw the message on the scanner,” he said.

“I thought maybe I’d won $5,000. Having won the game’s top prize just last month, there wasn’t the tiniest sliver of a thought that it’d be $50,000.”

The man said he plans to add the winnings to his savings.

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