• Sat. May 20th, 2023

Waterspout off Bondi Beach: Sydney stunned by nature’s display

Sydneysiders were stunned when they looked to the horizon off the coast of famous Bondi Beach this morning and saw this.

A massive waterspout had formed not far from a cargo ship in the waters off Sydney’s coast.

It could be spotted from Bondi to Coogee while others reported sightings on the NSW central coast at Terrigal.

The phenomenon occurs over water when cool air and warm air collide, scooping up the liquid and dragging it towards the sky.

They can reach hundreds of metres tall and normally stay out at sea. But when they do reach land, they can be deadly.

In June of 2010, the NSW coastal town of Lennox Head was devastated by a waterspout that tore apart homes and left debris strewn for kilometres.

The Northern Star newspaper reported locals hid in their bathrooms as the storm event hit with a “huge, roaring sound”.

On February 22 this year, a waterspout was filmed off the coast of Sydney after an intense thunderstorm.

In footage of Saturday’s waterspout, shared by Nine News, Sydneysiders could be heard reacting with shock at what they were seeing.

“I’ve never seen one quite that thick before,” one woman said.

“There’s an electrical storm over there coming in, more interestingly just over here we’ve got a tornado waterspout just off the coast.”

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